Psychic Sidekicks

This article was curated by Lady Stardust, Underwire’s patron saint of Earthly delights.

Good riddance, mercury in retrograde. 🖕

Today’s the day we turn to Earth's atomic particles for business guidance. The Universe will step in if you let it.

Here are Lady Stardust’s secret weapons for the startup grind….



When you need to tap into your most badass self—you know the one, that chin up, shoulders back hot shit with the confidence to sell in anything—Lapis Lazuli is your linchpin. It taps into your self expression without compromise, calms the butterflies in your stomach and harnesses the power of the throat chakra so you speak with clarity and authenticity.


All your direct reports want a piece of you today and it’s only 9:00 a.m. Tuck a piece of Kyanite in your bra and get to it. Kyanite bridges communication between people and allows ideas to flow. It keeps you grounded and allows your energies to vibrate on a higher frequency so you can be present for your team.



Concentration and productivity are the keys to the queendom. Hematite keeps you on track and brings strength to your beliefs. It also wards off those negative energies so you can tackle that presentation, dive into those financials, and keep ticking off the to-do list.


Need more fire in the belly? Malachite breaks those habitual patterns—the social-media distractions, that 10:00 a.m. snack break, the procrastination of the monthly KPI report. This green beauty accentuates the vibrational equivalent of luck, keeping your mind on track and the heart engaged in finding new ways through the daily muck.



No doubt, we need a lot of help. Pro tip: your manifestation cheat sheet always starts with Smoky Quartz. Use it in conjunction with…


Pyrite in your pocket attracts the big money and helps you set up your superpower shield to keep the money leaks to a minimum.


You need that strategic partnership to lift your business to the next level. Spirit Quartz puts you in the center of the collaboration nation and lets you pick the highest and best relationship to suit your needs.


You know your business soulmate is out there. That person who just “gets” your vision, who adds to it, making it bigger, better, stronger. Apophylite helps you harness your joy, gets the universe to bless it, and brings you your person.


You need customers and social media interns and sponsors and spreadsheet wizards—damn, you need bodies! Argonite is the stone of community. By letting you find your shine, it helps light the way for the right people to find you.


Your product hit the market and the timing was spot on. The peoples are clamoring for more. Keep the abundance flowing and the competition at bay. Citrine is your inner sunshine and solar-plexus friend. Trust your gut.



Pop that cork! When you hit those quarterly revenue goals early, you take the team out to make some noise. Turquoise amplifies the satisfaction of a job well done. After all, it’s the stone of extroverts and influence, making you the most fun person at celebratory happy hour.


Funded your Kickstarter? Check. Lined up manufacturing? Check. Pregnant? Whoops. And...check!!! Congratulations! Emerald keeps your heart open and magnifies your joy so you can bask in that pregnancy glow.



Maybe it was that after-dinner espresso but more likely it’s the endless to-do list that wakes you at 3:00 a.m. A girl has got to get her sleep. So under that silk pillowcase (true fact, your hair will look great in the morning) slip a piece of Danburite. It’s a shiny glossy chisel that will chip away at the anxiety that is keeping you up and bring a sense of peace so you can get the sleep you need. It’s also great for migraines.


A wand of Selenite to keep you vertically aligned and help you get your serenity back when you need it. It’s also great at keeping a safe and peaceful home environment.


Trauma happens. Sadness is part of life. Suffering is human. Big feelings are deep teachers. We know these lessons. That said, when your runway is ending next month and last month your entire family had the flu, you need a bit of soothing. This duo offers first aid...

rose quartz sphere dias.jpeg

Rose Quartz is a classic healer and amplifier of goodness. It works broadly to cover all the bases —heart, mind, body, environment. Place an orb in your home or office to attract some of that universal river of love and help heal your tired heart. Slip a point in your pocket and unpack your feelings of fear and guilt. In the immortal words of Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, “Self-care is non-negotiable.”


Glittery and pink purple, Lepidolite works to relieve emotional suffering so you can feel what you need to feel and come out the other side intact. For the rock nerds and the geologists: lepidolite is a form of mica, and is the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral on earth. Why is this interesting? Because lithium is used in some mood stabilizing drugs. This one you may want to make into jewelry and wear 24/7.

What the F’ing?!?

When the psychic vampires arrive, you need tools to get your positive energy flowing. You may not make payroll, but you will have the strength to communicate why, and the way forward. Bring in these heavyweights.


Fluorite for working through thorny, complex issues and stirring creativity to bring a higher state of mental achievement. Kick that instability to the curb. With fluorite in your purse you're open to net new information.


Your spouse threatens to leave if you spend one more weekend working. Get out the Black Tourmaline. A force field protector and negative energy releaser, it is the best grounding agent in town. Everyone needs this.


Call the shaman. Five employees left last quarter. Labradorite has got your back. The stone of mystics and the North (once thought to be the frozen light of aurora borealis), a seer stone that amplifies focus, allowing clear outlines to emerge and you to find the best path forward. Bonus, Labradorite is a powerful protector and a stone of adventure. Running a successful business is nothing if not an adventure.

Lady Stardust Minerals is the side hustle for Erica Goldsmith, a brand consultant and business strategy guide for creatives. Need a rock? Want a consult? DM her through Insta.