Aug Ifs: Heart at Work


If Megan Rapinoe were CEO

No imposter syndrome here.

Before the memory of the awesomeness of Megan Rapinoe fades into the next up-with-women surge in the news cycle, take 60 minutes and listen to Kara Swisher's interview with her on Recode Decode.

In this podcast, Megan says this:

I deserve this. I want everything.

...which has me considering which font to use if I tattoo that statement on the inside of my forearm. To go with with my Melody Ehsani power ring.

In the podcast, Megan also talks about:

  • Where her confidence comes from

  • How she markets herself

  • The importance of celebrating wins

  • The need for equal investment of a revenue-positive market segment that wants, and will buy, more of the "product" (WTF...why the patriarchy can't go where the money is just continues to baffle me...women buy all the shit, dudes!)

  • How the only option is to be LOUD to get more money

Listen to Recode Decode episode here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

And I have to say how much I love Megan's "pose" pictured above. I know it's a meme, and for damn good reason. She owns her power on the biggest stage of them all.


If push comes to product-market fit

If you've got an idea for a business or a new revenue stream, the Female Founders Alliance and Pioneer Square Labs are giving you the perfect challenge to test it. Huzzah for the FFA Female Founder Challenge.

With the accountability of your friends and some hefty brainpower, you can sprint test a business idea with real customers. Put in the work and you'll know in 30 days if your idea is viable enough to go all-in. This could save you YEARS of your life flailing on a bunk business model.

All you gotta do is give FFA your email address and they'll give you content, workshops and office hours with the team at Pioneer Square Labs, a startup studio that's launched 15 companies from the Lab in 4 years.

This challenge is open to all entrepreneurs. Sign up here. It starts on September 1.

P.S. This is a sweet marketing tactic to get more email newsletter subscribers for both FFA and Pioneer Square Labs.

P.P.S. I'm in on the challenge. I'm curious to see how valuable the support is, and to test an idea for the Female Founder Funding Update. I'll share what I learn.


If soul works

I'm fascinated by founders who fold moments of grace into their companies. I'll never forget how Alyssa Leinonen, CEO of Gourmondo, creates flexible work schedules so that her employees can drop off and pick up school-age children.

That's compassion in action. It takes a strong will for a founder to say, "We're going to do things differently for our people."

For Seattle area readers, the upcoming Compassionate Leadership Summit is an opportunity to learn from some of the most enlightened thinkers and teachers on workplace compassion. It runs November 8-9, 2019 at The Hub at the University of Washington.

What you can expect:

  • The summit's vision is a world in which awareness, justice, inclusivity and compassion guide our actions as a society (yes, please)

  • Bringing together leaders from various sectors, including corporations, non-profits, government, healthcare, education and communities of faith (good intersectional networking)

  • Presenters are visionaries, teachers, cultural trailblazers and creators who represent diverse applications of compassion and mindfulness (notables include Karen Guzak, the owner of our Fall Yoga Retreat facility, and Joel and Michelle Levey, powerful teachers on how to be more mindful in your workday)

  • The event is designed to share tools, best practices and methods with interactive learning sessions (a cost-effective way to learn for small businesses)

  • Co-hosted by UW Undergraduate Women in Business

Plus, I have discount codes:

Sign up for the summit here. First come, first served on the discounts, so act fast:

  • 2D15 15% off the 2-day admission (save $60)

  • 1D15 15% off the 1-day admission (save $30 )

If your company wants to sponsor this event, please email Ryan Crowther.


If underutilizing your email sig

Above is the email signature for Karly Siroky of Karma Design. This is the best email signature I've seen. Ever.

Smiling face — nice typography — warm color palette — hmmm, this looks like person who goes above and beyond — just what I want in a business partner — yes, I'll click on those social buttons to learn more about you, Karly Siroky.

Damn that's good.

Karly showcases why this is a genius brand touchpoint. If you want an email signature like this, Karly has offered to give you instructions. Email Karly.


If Fall feels anxious

I grapple with anxiety. On the order of the 3 a.m. wake up, the to-do list multiplying, can't go back to sleep. The Sunday evening curtain of impending doom. The Instagram poison pill, my family-marriage-kid-house-vacation-style aren't good enough, and why do I just want to buy everything in my feed?

Then comes September. Every year it happens, the intensity ratchets up as the light and warmth of the summer fade. The school bell rings again and the routine tightens. So do the shoulders and neck, and maybe the heart, just a little, as if the Universe knows annual goals need to be met, or else. Or else, what?

I've been reading The Wisdom of Anxiety by Sheryl Paul of Conscious Transitions. This passage from her books is why I'm hosting the Fall yoga retreat:

...When you walk through a transition consciously, you’re given a potent opportunity to shed a layer of mindsets, beliefs, patterns, and habits that are contributing to your anxiety.

Let's walk through the Fall transition together. What are your intrusive thoughts? How are they holding you back in business? I'm learning to let go. Join me. Learn more about the October 20, 2019 retreat.